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We are located inside the Madeira Natural Park, surrounded by Laurel Forest with 80% of humidity all year round. Our altitude is about 480 meters from sea level, and we have the best accomodation to nature and mountain lovers. We offer a variety of adventure activities to our clients by request. At Nature Inn we have a adventure park with tree top, slide, rapel, treasure hunting, orienterring and archery.

“I love this place.”

Immagine, you have a secluded house in the mountains. It is your house with all the basic facilities you need like hot water, kitchen, shower. You have been hiking all day around beautiful waterfalls, rivers, tunnels, up and down hills, forest. You don't need to drive, your hike starts from here. And all this without massive traffic of tourists.

No cars, no shops, not a soul. No one disturbing you. The owner provide you with the tools, and it is up to you to be self sufficient and independent. You eat what you cook. Your house is as clean, as you make it as you like.
You take a shower, you prepare your food, you sitting outside with the glass of wine, you dim the light on the veranda, and only sound you can hear is a mountain river finding its way down, as are going to sleep in to comfortable and clean bed.
Just beautiful.
Alex - From


We can plane events from 10 to 500 pax at Nature Inn Madeira with Espetada launch or dinner, a lot of activities, like road books, bike challenge, quad drive, slide, rapel, climbing, tree top, archery, orieentering, treasure hunt, buggy road book. We have all preapre you have only to chose your program. 

Goups and incentives

We reaceve a lot of goups with a different types of needs. please let us now wath do you want and let us prepare everithing.

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Our Glamping place

The best way to experience the Madeira Island Nature – The few places were you can sleep inside Unesco World Heritage. Madeira Laurel Forest

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